birds by the snow

"Water, is taught by thirst.
Land—by the Oceans passed.
Transport—by throe
Peace—by its battles told—
Love, by memorial mold—
Birds, by the snow."

NYU Gallatin senior studying literature and coming off a year abroad at Oxford. This space is for book quotes, rants, Gilmore Girls/Harry Potter/Prep appreciation, general rambling.

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First photo is of bookshelves pre-move and the other four are of my current bookshelves. One of them is three books deep and another is two books deep. Even though I really miss how organized they used to be, I do like that I have multiple bookcases now and can give a “personality” to each one - that’s a project, I guess, for Christmas break. 

I have a “favorite books” shelf that right now is missing a few (Prep, for one, which I just unpacked when I was home before Oxford). But in the top photo it’s the middle shelf in the middle row, and there’s Harry Potter (of course), Prep, NarniaSpeak, Daddy Long-Legs, Gone with the Wind, Mothers and Daughters by Evan Hunter (an overlooked book that I think is one of the Great American Novels), The Chronicles of Chrestomanci (the book I always think of when I come to the part in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader when Lucy finds “the loveliest story I’ve ever read or ever shall read,” and then forgets it), Little Women, Charlotte’s Web, and Trumpet of the Swan. And maybe Blue Willow. 

Anyway, clearly I’m obsessive about my books, but, having had unpleasant obsessions, I think this is not a bad alternative. 

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